EMS & OHS management

The Xinlai Group provides customers with value through environmentally friendly materials and solutions.

合理利用资源,降低能耗。 1: Use resources rationally and reduce energy consumption. Such as oil pressure return water equipment improved.
2: Carry out national standards and meet emission standards. For example, the company uses water treatment equipment to make the wastewater stay in the regulating tank for a longer period of time, to ensure the subsequent biochemical treatment effect is stable, and there is no arrears of sewage charges; the spray technology is used to effectively treat the waste gas generated during the work process, so as to achieve the standard discharge.
3: Develop noise control technologies and equipment such as sound insulation, sound proofing, and noise reduction. Such as compartment engineering, suspension technology.
4: Green production. Choose flowers and trees suitable for the company's characteristics to purify the air and beautify the environment.  

Environmental management
01: Restrict production activities and reduce counteracting substances In order to implement environmental protection, continuous improvement activities should be carried out to prevent and minimize the use of controlled substances in products and production activities.
02: Compliance with customer environmental requirements We comply with environmental laws and customer environmental requirements, and establish an environmental protection management system through education environment.
03: Develop target setting and detailed implementation plan to maximize environmental impact, develop improvement goals, and develop detailed plans for implementing environmental improvement activities.
At the same time, we conduct internal environmental audits and strive to improve the environmental management system through self-management.
04: Environmental management policy Transparent environmental management by disclosing environmental management policies to customers and other stakeholders.

Health and safety
01: Occupational Safety and Health regards occupational safety and health as the basic elements of management decisions.
02: Maintaining a comfortable working environment We will continue to improve occupational safety and health, prevent safety and environmental accidents in advance, maintain a clean working environment, and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.
03: Urban health and safety should voluntarily abide by occupational safety and health regulations, and develop safety and health standards and procedures and thoroughly manage them.
04: The reform measures regularly review the performance of implementing industrial safety and health, analyze the main impacts and risks, and formulate and establish improvement measures as the main objectives of management.
05: Health and Safety Industrial safety and health management policies, procedures and standards are communicated and published to all employees after approval by the manager to clearly establish a safety and health management will.
06: Interested safety management policies, such as industrial safety, health and management, are announced internally and externally to stakeholders through the media.

OHS管理。 Global EMS and OHS management.