Food, beverages and dairy products

The Sun Lay Group manufacturer is a supplier to the food, beverage and dairy industries, and our experience in this area means we know how to help you handle a variety of processed food systems and applications. Regardless of food application, our food processing equipment, modules and complete processing lines are able to provide consumers with products at competitive prices, while maintaining the highest level of hygiene and the required taste quality.

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We are dealing in stainless steel, fittings, valves, pumps, electro-polished tubes and fittings.



Dairy industry

The Xinlai Group provides a complete product range for the dairy industry, and our qualified personnel are serving customers from dairy farms to modern processing plants every day. The Xinlai Group is well-equipped to provide the best ingredients for many different dairy applications. Our changing world means that the dairy industry has huge potential in the coming years. The key to seizing the opportunity is a clear understanding of regional and global trends. The Xinlai Group's range of innovative sanitary components, such as global manufacturing standards, is a key part of the dairy processing process. Our mission is to ensure hygienic conditions and optimize dairy production.



Cheese processing plant
Milk processing plant
Ice cream processing plant
Yogurt and cultured milk
Cheese / Milk Tofu
Milk and cream processing plant


food industry


The Xinlai Group manufacturer is a food supplier of fruits and vegetables, jams, biscuits, chocolates, potato chips, frozen foods and more. Regardless of food application, our food processing equipment, modules and complete processing lines can provide products to consumers. At a competitive price-while maintaining the highest level of hygiene and ideal taste quality. We will help you improve your process, reduce downtime and energy consumption.


Food applications


fruits and vegetables
Jam, jelly
Potato chips
Baked goods
Frozen food
Prepare food
Ingredients and taste
Fish processing


Beverage industry


We provide qualified personnel with field experience to the beer, wine, cider, soft drinks, fruit and vegetable juice industries. The Xinlai Group has a large number of high-quality repair parts and reliable process equipment, which can serve hundreds of customers worldwide. Global demand for commercial beverages continues to grow-soft drinks, juices, bottled water, coffee, tea, beer, cider, wine, and more. Successful beverage production requires the full use of raw materials and the required end product characteristics through safe, cost-effective and sustainable multi-stage processing. The Xinlai Group provides equipment, modules and complete processing lines to meet the specific requirements of individual beverage producers and breweries.



Sewage treatment plant
Juice Processing Plant
Coffee / tea processing plant
Soft drink processing plant
Wine processing plant
Beer factory
Brewery processing plant