Electronics and Semiconductor

AdvanTorr products are manufactured by King Lai Hygienic Taiwan. The products cover industries such as "research institutions", "semiconductors", "displays", "LED lighting", "thin-film solar cells" and "vacuum coating". Vacuum is mainly used in thin film technology: evaporation, sputtering, PECVD, MOCVD, ALD, etc. There are also overlay surface analysis techniques and ion implantation systems.

The product uses the best quality stainless steel. Manufacturing operations are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. All materials are traceable and material certificates are provided to ensure the best service to our customers. All of these product lines use SUS304L stainless steel. The low carbon content enables all our flanges and fittings to have a lower outgassing rate than SUS304 material flanges and fittings.

All drilled flanges, welded flanges and related parts are suitable for 3A standard pipe sizes. European and Japanese standards please refer to other parts of the catalog for more details