Xinlai Note

Xinlai, keep moving forward!


For many years, Xinlai Group has fully fulfilled the customer's needs and established a good brand image. The excellent management team and good growth space have become an international supplier of high-clean application materials, and have stable high-end customers in the global food industry, biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical industry and electronic cleansing field, which has achieved the continuous high-speed growth of Xinlai Group.


Acquired Shandong Bihai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.


Established Laiheng Clean Applied Materials Co., Ltd. to provide gas transmission solutions;

Integrate dairy packaging companies and provide overall solutions for dairy factories;

Acquisition of US GNB

Obtained CE certification in 2016

(Pipes, fittings, diaphragm valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, pumps, pressure vessels) CE certification

Obtained EHEDG certification in 2015

Pipe EH certification

Obtained EHEDG certification in 2014

Butterfly valve EH certification

2013 ASME BPE certification

Asia's first dual certification company for pipe fittings

2012/2013 Xinlai Group Diversified Development

Established joint venture to develop bioreactor

Investment in optical coating production equipment

Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011 (SZSE: 300260)

Pressure vessels and pressure pipelines obtained GB and ASME certification

Diaphragm valve, filter, reversing valve, and pipeline are 3A certified

Expansion of the third phase of the plant—Kunshan Hefeng Plant

2009 Bolly

Acquired 3A, ISO9001-2008, PED certification

2008 Xinlai obtained pressure pipeline certificate, Baolai obtained ISO certification and BIS certification

2007 Established Baolai Stainless Steel Technology Co., Ltd.

2006 Expansion of scale, second phase of factory building in Kunshan, Xinlai, Jiangsu

C pump, ball valve, check valve obtained 3A certification

2004 Xinlai obtained ISO 9001-2000 quality certification

2000 Construction of the first domestic plant (Kunshan, Jiangsu)

1991 Taiwan company established