Exhibition | Xinlai invites you to gather at the 9th China International Beverage Industry Technology Exhibition CBST2019

November 15, 2019

CBST2019 The 9th China International Beverage Industry Technology Exhibition will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. CBST is an important window for the Chinese beverage industry to face the world. It has become the vane of the technological development of the beverage industry in China and even Asia. It is a "grand party for professional buyers and sellers in the beverage industry"!

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Exhibition period: November 18-20, 2019

Hall: Hall N1

Booth: 1E08

At this event, Xinlai Group tailored a series of latest products for the beverage and food industry. Let us preview them ...

C series sanitary centrifugal pump products have good economy, high cost performance, stable use, and simple structure. The open impeller design is suitable for occasions where the material is handled gently, which can ensure the integrity of the material to the greatest extent.

S series sanitary high-efficiency centrifugal pumps focus on specialized fields with high performance requirements and high cleanliness requirements. This series of centrifugal pumps can meet the requirements of hygiene and gentle processing of products, and have chemical stability. At the same time, a higher energy efficiency ratio can effectively reduce users' continuous investment costs.

The rotor pump uses an innovative non-contact relatively reverse cam rotor design. The surface seal between the rotor, the pump casing and the pump cover, and the line seal between the rotors are processed with high precision to form a perfect seal area. The symmetrical design of the rotor under viscosity and high temperature makes the rotation direction of the pump reversible. The current status of the rotor design also fully considers the protection of the product and can achieve efficient operation so that it will not be excessively squeezed.

Sanitary shear homogenizing pump is the best solution for online homogenization and emulsification. It is widely used in food and beverage, biopharmaceutical and other industries, especially suitable for batch mixed production, and can be connected to SIP and CIP systems.

It has two heating methods: electric heating and steam heating. Relative to manual cleaning, it reduces labor intensity. Compared with the CIP station, the investment is small and the cost advantage is obvious. The CIP tank capacity can be customized according to the length of the system's pipeline.

An efficient mixing system designed by combining the principles of a self-priming pump and a shear pump. Large flow rate, high efficiency, low comprehensive cost, convenient cleaning, it is a new generation mixing system.

Valve series products

High-clean double tube sheet design can eliminate the risk of contamination between the tube-side materials and the shell-side cold and hot media. CIP and SIP.

Honeycomb, traditional, half-pipe heated and cooled enclosure, chlorine-free stainless steel insulation jacket.

This type of high clean pipe fittings supports multiple connection methods, meets various standards such as 3A, ISO, BPE, GB, DIN, etc., and is applicable to various standards. You can purchase all the specifications you need in one stop

More discoveries, welcome to visit and exchange with Xinlai Group's booth (Hall N1 1E08) ......

From November 18th to 20th, our Shanghai New International Expo Center is here!

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